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CUSTOM ART acrylic blocks
Acrylic Block perspective.png

Decorate your desk or bookshelves with original artwork reproduced in the three dimensional form and the beauty of an Acrylic block.

Whether it is for decorating and displaying on its own, or to go alongside other pieces in your fine art collection, the acrylic block reproduction will stand out for its sophistication and prominent presence. Acrylic blocks are so beautiful that even if left in a corner, it will make everything around it fit perfectly. So if you haven’t tried any printed acrylic block, read on to know what makes it unique.

What’s So Beautiful about Printed Acrylic Blocks

The clarity of this is such that one can look right straight through it from one end to another. Printed acrylic blocks are even more beautiful because the three-dimensional appearance of the fine art reproduction is unbeatable. 

When high end, state of the art print absorbs itself with your acrylic block, the intense clarity and the premium finish make this a standout way of showing your art.

Let it be the Star!


Wherever you keep the printed acrylic block, it automatically becomes the star because no one can save their eyes from it. With its brilliant 3D depth and polished finish along with vibrant clarity, it becomes impossible to ignore and not notice this beauty!

Modern Printed Acrylic Blocks

To say that acrylic blocks have been out there for a while won’t be true. It’s taking it pace these days, especially because of print. Our high-quality printing takes to the zenith of a modern touch and makes it even more appealing because, without fine print, it’s just another acrylic block.

Size of Printed Blocks

Neither too big nor too small, but just a perfect and attractive fit, the block measures ¾-1 inch in depth. With proper market research and reviews, the sizes have been kept in check to make sure that our users get the best without being confused and that once they use it, they just won’t get over it.

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