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Encaustic and Mixed Media Works

I first discovered encaustic artwork while on a visit to Toronto's Distillery District artist's cooperative several years ago. I added several pieces to my personal collection which led me to try the form itself. To me it's very challenging and a form of art that I continue to practice and practice and practice.

My encaustic works also branched out to include mixed media of various forms - leaves and similar things. Which in turn led me to experiment with resin mixed media art. But wait there's more!

I've always loved tables and other furniture created with "live edge" timber, and there are several pieces in my workshop which will be furniture some day. But I did discover a mixed media art form that combined live edge wood slabs that I could inlay with gemstones and seal with resin to create unique serving trays. So my encaustic and mixed media works really do cover a wide range of creations. All of these are in the homes of collectors, but I'm always interested in creating new art and if you'd like to order a piece please contact me.

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