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galactic series acrylic paintings - art of vastness

The Galactic Series of abstract acrylic original artwork is crucial element of my overall portfolio. All my art is abstract to one degree or another. I draw inspiration from all that is. Put simply - the Universe of what we can see - that which is too far and too vast to see, and things that are too small or uncertain to see. A colleague circulated a slide show around the 2004 timeframe which featured images taken by the most sensitive scanning electron microscopes and even more sensitive methods, to the growing library of Hubble space telescope wonders. It amazed and inspired me to realize that what was very abstract in appearance, was actually something as real as the clouds of Jupiter, or millions of stars like that which rises in the east every morning to warm our world and grow all that lives, or the magnified look of our skin cells, or even the molecules which comprise what we are or what we eat. Hence the tagline on my instagram account: "Abstract Realism"

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