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Metal Prints represent the latest modern art form of preserving and infusing prints directly into an aluminum board, providing your request image with an incredible beauty. Metal prints are impressive and unique in style; they are rarely talked about and not used as commonly as other prints. Metal prints carry a magical touch of reality and the prints are good enough that make you feel the reality of it.

Matt prints are a classic choice for printing on a metal. Metal prints reproduce the images gorgeously! But if the question is raised whether to go for matt or gloss, the answer is quite simple yet interesting. The touch of gloss adds energy to a metal print.


On the other hand, if we talk about matt on a metal print, reflects a shine that doesn’t abuse the details. Thus it will give you more option in the context of the light you can put it in. So if you are looking for options of using your metal print on multiple locations, then you better go for matt touch.


Completely Waterproof

Print quality is the most important feature of a good display metal print. You get the best product out there. The durability of Metal Print products and their waterproof finish material shouldn’t be your concern. You can display your metal print in the bathroom, kitchen or anywhere where water resistance is required, but at the same time some decorative elements need to be present. The sizes of our metal prints come in a variety of sizes with float mount hangers. Size matters depending on the position and the location of display of your metal print and sometimes it even depends on the print that you would like to have on the aluminum.

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