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Daffodilis: The First in the Second Rainbow Pride Series

This first completed piece in the Rainbow Pride series dried enough to play with it a little more. As I was adding the various layers it struck me that it was resembling and abstraction of a group of daffodils - so I now had the inspiration for the rest of the six painting - abstractions of various flowers.

Original abstract acrylic artwork on level 3 stretched canvas.

Anyway I named this one Daffodilis because it is an abstraction of reality. This original measures 20 x 20 inches on Lev3 stretched canvas. It has no metallics in it - all various shades of yellow and some greens from my Arteza paints and a little Artist loft. This piece is available. HERE is a brief video showing the piece and its details.

The framed original would be around 24 x 24 inches. I would recommend a floating frame and we can customize the frame and floating mat colors to suit your space. And if you are interested in testing how this piece would work in your home or office please consider using my free “Room Rendering” service. That is described in more detail HERE.

This work can also be reproduced in a variety of formats including canvas wrap, acrylic print or metallic prints in both smaller or much larger sizes up to around 60 x 60 inches unframed. More information about print options can be found under the Shop Prints menu in this site.























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