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Product Recommendations and Availability by Region

Print products may not be available to you depending where you need to have them shipped. I try to make my art available to anyone in the World who would like to own one or more examples of it. Unfortunately not all products fulfilled  by my partners are available everywhere. The table below is the latest status of what products can be supplied to various regions.

Also, many of the product choices can be purchased in large sizes - for example up to 36 x 48 inches. I wouldn't recommend trying to scale a work that was photographed or scanned from an 8 x 10 original to very large size. It might lose too much detail in the scaling up. So I've given my recommendations on how large you should try to go in size.


PLEASE NOTE: none of the products can be bought or shipped to the following countries: Iran, Crimea, Syria, North Korea and Cuba.

Product Table.png
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